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Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy New Month!

Its September already...wow! How fast this year has been. I remember when we all screamed "Happy new year" into 2014, it was just like yesterday. Now in a few months time, we all will be screaming "Happy new year" into 2015. 

August was a wonderful month for me and especially for a very good friend of mine, Ema Oyeyiola whose birthday was on the 20th of August and also had her 1st baby on that same day. I'm just so happy for her. Let me use this medium to express my love for her...Ema has been a friend indeed, a sister (younger and older :-p) a mentor etc words can't thank her enough for always being there when I needed her most. Today also happens to be her wedding anniversary! Yay! I pray that God will always be there for her and her family and increase them on every side. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

This is not to say I have not had or don't have other friends that are amazing. So I will also like to thank all my friends, family, colleagues, friends that are afar off, those nearby, and not to forget those who decided to waltz out of my life and those who will come in and everyone whose life has made a positive impact in mine and has given me every cause to smile. Thank you all! *Big Hug*.

Remember to keep your surrounding clean and pray God will keep us safe from all harm #EbolaPrevention.

Also be nice to everyone you meet because as we all know it's a small world.

Enjoy your day and once again HAPPY NEW MONTH!