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Friday, 13 May 2016

Shop Once...earn forever!

How tired are you of waiting to the end of the month to receive your wages and even find out that it has finished before pay day because of the different people you may be owing? How tired are you of having to manage your salary and eat from hand to mouth? There are so many things which can be done to increase your stream/streams of income. In this case, a number of people have come together to put an idea in place to help a lot of us earn a living on a daily basis. 

We are called the Bullet Proof Income Earners and have been in business for a while. I will like to use this platform to invite you to join us and allow your money work for you. This isn't too much of a hard task to do if you really want to make it. 

Watch the video below and have an insight on how you can grow your income...


For more inquiries, you can reach me via: didislim1@gmail.com and let me help you answer some of your questions.

Let's make this happen peeps! 

Friday, 1 January 2016

Goodbye year 2015...Welcome year 2016!

For some, it was an awesome 2015, some others had it terrible and while others would say "it was just there jare". I had an awesome year and I believe it will be better in 2016 than the past years.
For those who didn't get what they wanted in the past year, God is cooking a better pot of soup for you. His promises never fail, if he said he will do it then believe he will.

I welcome you all into a new year of more of Divine grace and favour.

It was nice having you around me this past year...let's do it again in 2016! 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Find Your Passion!

I went out sometime ago and on my way going back, I boarded a bus. I was the first person to join the bus and had the chance to sit in front. The conductor of the bus was still calling out to passengers going that route when I turned to look at something in the direction of the driver and my eyes caught the physical structure of the driver. He was/is an amputee!

Here he is...source
There are so many people out there who have all their body parts complete, yet are waiting for help from God-knows-where. They are so lazy to work...it really is so annoying! Then when you have worked so hard and earned your pay at the end of the month and they come asking you for some chips which you may not able to give them, they get offended. Here is a man with no legs but is able to pull himself together to get a life for himself. The sight of the guy really spurred up something in me to let me know that there is nothing impossible if you put your mind to it.

Below are some of the pictures of some people with physical disabilities but great mental, emotional, psychological abilities and passion for what they do.

Pilot, Jessica Cox...born without arms

Nick Vujicic, motivational speaker, born Without Arms and Legs
Talented artist without limbs

Sean Stephenson. Author of "Get off your but", inspirational speaker...age 35.

There are many others who have done things way beyond their physical disabilities and that has happened because of the way they think. They haven't allowed their physical conditions deter them from being who they want to be. All they just needed was dream, drive and focus.
Look inwards, find your passion, get a mentor to help spur you towards your desired direction and most of all, hold on to God and all your dreams will come to pass.

Have a blessed day ahead.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Health Corner - Dangers of eating Burger

Image result for BURGER

Before you head out to one of the many fast food joints today, you might want to know exactly what you’re getting:

Beef: This is a mixture of meat scraps and sinew spun in a centrifuge with ammonium hydroxide. The byproducts of this process are known as “pink slime.”

Neotame or NeoTame: Don’t be fooled by this ingredient. It’s the new name for aspartame, a cancer-causing ingredient that has also been linked to premature puberty in girls.

Mono-and Di-glycerides: These fats are added to foods to bind liquids and fats together and act as stabilisers. Usually these names are short for: diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono and diglycerides, usually derived from animal fat like pork fat.

High fructose corn syrup: This ingredient is used by most fast food manufacturers because it is cheap, even though it has been linked to a growing list of health concerns, including diabetes.

Sodium acid pyrophosphate (or sodium pyrophosphate): This ingredient is often used to maintain the colour of a food, though it is listed as being toxic to blood and advise “do not ingest.”

Read full article here. Culled from punch.

I don't eat burger but as a caring individual, I know this will help inform someone or some people who have fallen head over heels in love with it.

#MindWhatYouEat! #HealthIsWealth! 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Benediction

Image result for happy new month september
Happy New Month!

As you enter into this month of September, make these confessions of faith...

Favour on my head
Prosperity in my hands
Speed on my feet
In 2015, my name is GRACE
This is my month of supernatural empowerment
When men say "there is a casting down",
As for me and my family, there is a lifting up
I am a wealthy possibilitarian
Making melodies unto the Lord
It doesn't matter what the matter is,
I will matter where it matters.

Happy new month peeps! Have a blessed month ahead.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tongue Twisters!

There are so many things that people do around me and I find them quite funny! I just find it ridiculous when I hear a beta naija man or woman trying to twist his or her tongue while talking to someone who is not a Nigerian or who has a tush (American/British etc) accent. Can't people just be real to themselves and people around them? Why can't the oyibo person try to talk like us instead? Must we bite our tongues to be understood? Must we try to impress anybody? Biko the tin just taya me!

Several times I've been in places where I'm having a conversation with someone who I know can't even speak complete english sef and an oyibo-speaking person comes around and the switching of tongue ehn na die! #smh. Anyways, I like me and my naija tongue, I don't have to switch the way I talk just to impress anybody. I actually have a sister-in-law who is not Nigerian and I speak pidgin english with her make she sabi my own tongue too. Lol.

Bottom line is be yourself, do not change to give a false impression, be proud of who you are regardless of where you find yourself. That is not to say you can't learn new things to make you be a better person. 

Be good, be calm, until I come your way again soonest...

I still remain...Didislim

Monday, 3 August 2015

Happy New Month!

Happy new month!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend? The end of this year is fast approaching and I can say it has been God all the way. It may have been awesome all the way from the beginning of this year up till now for some, while for some others it may not have been so splendid. It is not the end and there is still time for you to receive your expectations. 

We hear of so many gory stories in the news each and every day and none of the evils has come near us. That is so much to thank God for. Having nothing substantial doesn't mean God is not with you and he doesn't hear your prayer requests, it just means that he is preparing something mega for you and he will definitely grant your request.

I'm not so much of a preacher but I just want to encourage someone this morning and let you know that God is up to something when you are down to nothing. Thank God for the little you have now instead of complaining and he sure will do more next time. He may even take the little you have away from you so as to bring new and better things your way, don't fight it, just give in and ask him for directions. 

Have a blessed week ahead and remember only #GoodThings are permitted to happen to you.

I still remain Didislim.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The rantings of a mad black lady - IS IT YOUR SINGLE?!

This cracked me up big time though...Lolz

In life there'll come a time when everyone around you will sound concerned (both the sincere and insincere ones) about your marital status and start asking you some funny questions that may get you embarrassed.

Marriage is a beautiful thing that should be experienced with your soul mate...abi? As people neva see their soul mates make we go marry heart ache? MBANU! I've heard a lot in my life's journey that has made me smile, laugh, cry, angry because of this same marriage issue...

Let me tell you guys a story...someone once told me of a lady who got married quite early. She had two cousins who were sisters and were yet to join the married train. She went visiting the sisters one day and while there she went "when are we going to hear wedding bells ringing in this house o?" and of course the sisters who may have been praying for God to answer their prayers reacted to her question and went "#Clapping! when are we going to hear the cry of a baby in this house ooo?!". You can guess what would have happened after that, the married lady never brought up that topic again...ever. Apparently she had been married for a while without any issue and unfortunately for her, she clicked the wrong button with her cousins. I felt for her sha.

Now what I'm saying is that everybody has different timing for their own blessings and secondly, not everybody that goes into it is really happy (not my portion sha) but some do it just because they feel time is running out on them and you know with the saying that goes "do somtin before somtin do you".

Some people keep asking "when when when?" like their lives depend on it. I really wish people will focus their energy into facing their homes and stop asking ridiculous questions about the colour of aso-ebi and the quantity of rice they will like to eat on your wedding day. If na to marry, people for don marry finish. If I keep writing on this issue, I no go commot here today. But really, people should be sensitive to know that these questions about marriage strike people in some deep ways sometimes. Or maybe for those that are married and keep asking, as the single ones neva still see husbands, dem fit bring their husbands to share na...abi no be so? Diaris love in "shiarring" na. Mtcheew.

Bottom line is...


God bless you all.

I remain...Didislim

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It is going to be INTENSE!!!

The Rush Hour Fellowship is an inter-denominational forum for people from all walks of life to enjoy awesome worship, get built by the word, have fun and most importantly enjoy fellowship with God irrespective of denomination or status. 

Today 30th of September is one of those times for people to come together again to give God what he loves most...worship. INTENSE worship! Come with a heart filled with expectations and you will not be disappointed.

It will be happening live by 6pm at the muson centre, shell hall. 

Featuring: Efe, Onos, Mike Abdul, Jerry Omole, Tosin Bee, MK, PITA, PC, CNN, Henry Soul and Comedy by- Akpororo, Mc Acapella, Osama and the host, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

You can't afford to miss it! Come one, come all!

#As David never lost a battle, so will God's walk with us be.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy New Month!

Its September already...wow! How fast this year has been. I remember when we all screamed "Happy new year" into 2014, it was just like yesterday. Now in a few months time, we all will be screaming "Happy new year" into 2015. 

August was a wonderful month for me and especially for a very good friend of mine, Ema Oyeyiola whose birthday was on the 20th of August and also had her 1st baby on that same day. I'm just so happy for her. Let me use this medium to express my love for her...Ema has been a friend indeed, a sister (younger and older :-p) a mentor etc words can't thank her enough for always being there when I needed her most. Today also happens to be her wedding anniversary! Yay! I pray that God will always be there for her and her family and increase them on every side. 

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

This is not to say I have not had or don't have other friends that are amazing. So I will also like to thank all my friends, family, colleagues, friends that are afar off, those nearby, and not to forget those who decided to waltz out of my life and those who will come in and everyone whose life has made a positive impact in mine and has given me every cause to smile. Thank you all! *Big Hug*.

Remember to keep your surrounding clean and pray God will keep us safe from all harm #EbolaPrevention.

Also be nice to everyone you meet because as we all know it's a small world.

Enjoy your day and once again HAPPY NEW MONTH!