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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It is going to be INTENSE!!!

The Rush Hour Fellowship is an inter-denominational forum for people from all walks of life to enjoy awesome worship, get built by the word, have fun and most importantly enjoy fellowship with God irrespective of denomination or status. 

Today 30th of September is one of those times for people to come together again to give God what he loves most...worship. INTENSE worship! Come with a heart filled with expectations and you will not be disappointed.

It will be happening live by 6pm at the muson centre, shell hall. 

Featuring: Efe, Onos, Mike Abdul, Jerry Omole, Tosin Bee, MK, PITA, PC, CNN, Henry Soul and Comedy by- Akpororo, Mc Acapella, Osama and the host, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

You can't afford to miss it! Come one, come all!

#As David never lost a battle, so will God's walk with us be.