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Monday, 3 August 2015

Happy New Month!

Happy new month!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend? The end of this year is fast approaching and I can say it has been God all the way. It may have been awesome all the way from the beginning of this year up till now for some, while for some others it may not have been so splendid. It is not the end and there is still time for you to receive your expectations. 

We hear of so many gory stories in the news each and every day and none of the evils has come near us. That is so much to thank God for. Having nothing substantial doesn't mean God is not with you and he doesn't hear your prayer requests, it just means that he is preparing something mega for you and he will definitely grant your request.

I'm not so much of a preacher but I just want to encourage someone this morning and let you know that God is up to something when you are down to nothing. Thank God for the little you have now instead of complaining and he sure will do more next time. He may even take the little you have away from you so as to bring new and better things your way, don't fight it, just give in and ask him for directions. 

Have a blessed week ahead and remember only #GoodThings are permitted to happen to you.

I still remain Didislim.