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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The rantings of a mad black lady - IS IT YOUR SINGLE?!

This cracked me up big time though...Lolz

In life there'll come a time when everyone around you will sound concerned (both the sincere and insincere ones) about your marital status and start asking you some funny questions that may get you embarrassed.

Marriage is a beautiful thing that should be experienced with your soul mate...abi? As people neva see their soul mates make we go marry heart ache? MBANU! I've heard a lot in my life's journey that has made me smile, laugh, cry, angry because of this same marriage issue...

Let me tell you guys a story...someone once told me of a lady who got married quite early. She had two cousins who were sisters and were yet to join the married train. She went visiting the sisters one day and while there she went "when are we going to hear wedding bells ringing in this house o?" and of course the sisters who may have been praying for God to answer their prayers reacted to her question and went "#Clapping! when are we going to hear the cry of a baby in this house ooo?!". You can guess what would have happened after that, the married lady never brought up that topic again...ever. Apparently she had been married for a while without any issue and unfortunately for her, she clicked the wrong button with her cousins. I felt for her sha.

Now what I'm saying is that everybody has different timing for their own blessings and secondly, not everybody that goes into it is really happy (not my portion sha) but some do it just because they feel time is running out on them and you know with the saying that goes "do somtin before somtin do you".

Some people keep asking "when when when?" like their lives depend on it. I really wish people will focus their energy into facing their homes and stop asking ridiculous questions about the colour of aso-ebi and the quantity of rice they will like to eat on your wedding day. If na to marry, people for don marry finish. If I keep writing on this issue, I no go commot here today. But really, people should be sensitive to know that these questions about marriage strike people in some deep ways sometimes. Or maybe for those that are married and keep asking, as the single ones neva still see husbands, dem fit bring their husbands to share na...abi no be so? Diaris love in "shiarring" na. Mtcheew.

Bottom line is...


God bless you all.

I remain...Didislim