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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Scandal Season 4 Episode 1

Naija! Naija!! Naija!!! I hail thee. Where are our girls??? Where are our young girls??? It was said that one Mr. Pogo Bitrus gave information on the whereabouts of the missing girls...
"Pogo Bitrus said there had been "sightings" of gunmen crossing with the girls into Cameroon and Chad. Some of the girls had been forced to marry the militants" he added. Mr Bitrus said 230 girls were missing since militants attacked the school in Chibok, Borno state, two weeks ago.
Read full story here.
Now I'm so pissed at the government for their slow actions towards these our missing girls. If their children, wives or close relatives were involved, are they saying they would have been this slow in their actions? This is so sad and dis-heartening walahi! Ok we kinda know the movements of these abductors yet nothing. When Mr. Pogo (pronounced Kpogor in my head) gave an update on the girls, could the government not take action at least with the given leads? WHERE IS OLIVIA POPE FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE???!!! #Shouting #ScandalAddict #Wink.
Maybe the president should be forced to watch how things are done in movies (especially scandal. lol) then he can in turn let it play out in real life here in Naija.
It has been 15 days since the girls were taken away, mothers have been wailing for God's intervention, fathers have been depressed, siblings and families are still hoping God will look upon their plight and bring their babies back home. I don't want to imagine what those monsters would have been doing with them...no one wants to see it using their minds' eyes.
I say Amen to Asari Dokubo's prayers here...and my prayer is summarized with this picture
I got this BC this morning based on the 234 girls...
"Today, Nigerians from all walks of life launch a rolling movement for the return of our abducted 234 daughters/sisters with a march in Abuja beginning @ Unity Fountain at 15:00 hrs.(3pm).  We hope u can join in this call to action and show of solidarity. But if you can't, please show your support by copying and displaying the DP below wherever you may be in support of the return of our girls. Thank you."

...though I read that 4 of the girls have been found as they were abandoned by their abductors because they took ill. Thank God!
 Let us keep praying for our babies that God will keep them safe from all harm and he will deal with those evil doers and punish them accordingly.

God keep Our Missing Girls (OMG)

God bless Naija! God bless us all!