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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Strange pot shows up in Makurdi, Benue state

A mysterious pot at the Benue State Government House roundabout in Makurdi caused panic among staff and security personnel on Tuesday.
It was gathered that the pot which was seen as early as 4am on Tuesday may have been kept there during the wee hours of the day...
Read full story here.
I just came across this story a few minutes ago of a pot showing up in a place which caused anxiety and fear in the hearts of many and even those in the government house..it sounds so funny to me ehn. Maybe they should have stated the colour of the pot boya it is/was red, black, white or purple sef so that the story can be complete. Mtcheeew!
The part that got me laughing hard was "It was learnt that government house security men stationed close to the roundabout, on sighting the pot, moved away from their original place just as staff of government house were seen in clusters discussing the pot." Whish pot?! Whish pot o?! When there are other matters going on that should be dealt with they are there organizing town hall meeting to discuss the appearance of "The Pot". Hian!!!

Next story please! #Smh